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Kew Gardens


Steve Ricketts


Chris and Sally Thomas


Judy and Mike Barker


Bath YMCA Gym Staff and Members


Bethan Technology Ltd


Dr. Robert Edyvean


Wilson Chalmers and Co.


Bruce and Fiona Jackson


Bernard Wilkins and Chris Drew


Heather McGill and David Bunn


Ian Critchley


Bernice Sweetman and Peter Hennessy-Smith


David and Caroline Greenwood


Andrew Cartland


Naser Sadiq


Penny and Ron Laurenc (Northgate Rapper)


Martin and Rachael Hanley (Northgate Rapper)


Ken and Jan Tatem (Northgate Rapper)


Mike and Rachael Thorne (Northgate Rapper)

Dave Brownbrige (Northgate Rapper)        

Angus Sheppard (Henrietta Mews Garage)

Mr M.R. Edge        
Mrs M. Clarke        
Mae Tang        
Simon Pryce (Arboriculturalist)        
Mr I.R. Jarvis        
Mr. John Davie