Bankouale Palm Expetition 2007
Henry Ford and Gavin Conochie  
  Funding International Palm Society
  Sponsorship Djibouti Palace Kempinsky Hotel  

Hot and steamy, and Nur got to cary my pack for the first time - I must be getting old.

1: We have collected 4 kilos of seed for distribution to Botanic Gardens and to the Millenium Seed Bank.

2: We have made contact with the politicians in the Bankouale valley and established their recognition of the palm as a valuable asset in the landscape, their wish to preserve it, and the extent of their actions already undertaken to put this into effect.

3: We are in the process of submitting a proposal to the Darwin Initiative which will include the conservation of the Bankouale Palm as part of a wider project for the conservation of the Foret du Dai and its environs.

    colecting with Nurcollecting teamcollecting_palmgrowingPalm Growing in the Gardens