The two people to whom we owe most for the organisation, and warmth of our stay are Houssein Rayalah of Djibouti Wildlife, and Houmet Ali of Bankouale. Their knowledge of the locality, plants and people, their hospitality and their friendship not only made the expedition possible, but also made it enjoyable. In Goda we were made most welcome by Houmet's Aunt, who gave us use of her compound and summer house, In the field the we were looked after by Didier and Ali, who kept us going, learnt how to take tree cores and soil samples and, guided and fed and watered us and sang us down the wadis. But most of all our thanks goes to Nur, who for 4 weeks showed us more help and kindness than we could possibly expect from any one. He fed us, organised us, told us as many plant names as we could handle, helped with all the field work, taught us songs, never told us quite how far we had to walk, and always, always smiled. And not once did I agree to let him take my pack as well as his own......... Or did I?.


We would also like to thank M. Lafrance, veterinary surgeon, of Djibouti, who gave us insight into the local leopard population, Bernard and Francoise Seigle-Murandi, for the unexpected pleasure of wine, and for the splendid aerial photographs, Doud of the Arbo Association whose work in the community is outstanding and with whom we hope to work further, with Ali Dasale Mohammed, the teacher from Goda village, whose inspiration and insight we hope will help to save the forest by educating those who will inherit it and to all the staff off the Bankouale Tourist camp. We will pracitise petanque for next time.