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Baobab Farm Ltd Dr. R. D. Haller, Baobab Farm Ltd. PO box 81995 Mombasa Kenya Plants grown from seed collected in Somalia 1960, orignally in Nairobi and planted in 1978. 1998 the two remaining palms were seeding annually though numbers of viable seed were declining. 1995, 10 more were being established with 32 seedlings. Welch 1998
Broome Botanical Garden Society Perth, Australia No details  
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden  

Livistona carinensis grows well here in Miami. It can droop a little if it doesn't get irrigation during a prolonged drought, but otherwise, it's easy to grow. It flowers and fruits.

89514 Livistona carinensis
Source: 4 plants. Dr. P.B. Tomlinson, Harvard Univ.; wild collected seed from Galgoa, Somalia, December 1984 via Christine Barbier

B. 125 Alive

73398 Livistona carinensis (received as: Wissmania cairensis)
Source: 3 seedlings received from Dr. Fred Boutin, Huntington
Botanic Garden from expeditions sponsored by them in 1973. No collecting number given. No other collecting information given.

A. 19B Alive

NOTE this collection information unlikely to be correct but the collections probably come from Huntingdon (Kathy Musial, pers. comm)

FTG, Scott Zona
Wainea Botanical Garden   No Details  
Huntington Botanic Gardens   4 plants alive From Carin, Somalia. Collection details  
Townsville Palmetum James Cook University, Townsville, Australia Dr. J. Dowe There are presently five individuals of L. carinesis in the Townsville Palmetum. The seeds were obtained in 1992 from the Yemen Depatment of Agriculture, from wild plants near Hadramaut. The Palmetum received approx. 50 seeds. Of these, about half were sent to other botanic gardens in Australia. Of the remainder, about 75% germinated, and of these about 10 survived to a size large enough to be planted out. The 10 were planted out in the Palmetum in 1997: since then, 5 have perished. Of the five survivors, one has flowered and indeed set fruit, but it failed to reach maturity. The others range from 1 to 1.5 m tall, and are considerably smaller than the 2.5 m one that has flowered. The five have recently [about 3 months ago] been relocated within the Palmetum, and as of yesterday appear to be doing well.  
4 Plants
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